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Head Start Phonics Practice Book

The Head Start Phonics Practice Book was designed to meet the needs of today's diverse classrooms and homeschool families. The Worktext includes over 90 
pages, comprehensively teaching the letters of the Alphabet! This book provides daily follow-up pages for each lesson. The activities connect learning to the real world with authentic, culturally responsive content reflecting Jamaican images. Start your child toward solid reading and writing skills with this book.

Head Start Integrated Mathematics
Teaching with these math practice activites helps children develop elementary skills that will last a lifetime. 
This 122 page kindergarten math practice activity book is loaded with math drills for mastering all of the following areas: counting 1 to 100, matching numbers to number words, writing numbers 1 to 50, number order, adding and subtracting numbers, measurement, geometry, counting by twos, and more.

Head Start Writing Practice Book
Improve penmanship and basic handwriting skills with Head Start Writing Practice Book. Children improve hand
writing skills with the worksheets in these manuscript workbook. Children learn to write lowercase letters in natural, progressive
 stages. Using a finger, children trace a model letter, first following the directional arrows, then on their own. Then , they practice writing the letter. While learning to write each letter colours are also being reinforced. Finally, they practice the letter as part of familiar words.

Head Start Integrated Studies Through Shapes and Colours

Head Start Integrated Studies Through Colors and Shapes is an unique workbook that helps students on their way to learning early math, science and general knowledge skills. The workbook introduces children to a fun, easy way to practice important skills that are necessary for their success in primary school.  The easy lay out of the book helps children build proficiency confidence while practicing these basic skills! 

Young children are born learners and explorers. Although they display diversity at birth, most have an unbridled eagerness and curiosity to explore their environment. The early childhood period is the formative years of a child's life, it is a period of never ending possibilities. Shawn Johnson and Associates believe in nurturing the future through our students. We believe that the Head Start Series can make a significant differences in the lives of children and their families, and so make a profound and lasting contribution to society. 


                        About Us
The associates who spearheaded and contributed to the Head Start Series are practitioners in the Early Childhood field. Our chief contributor is Valrie Parkes. She oversees content development and design and assists maintain the editorial excellence of all Shawn Johnson and Associates early childhood products. Parkes has over 25 years of experience in the primary and early childhood classroom. In addition to being the editor-in-chief at SJ&A Parkes is a senior lecturer and heads the Early Childhood Development at St. Joseph's Teachers' College, her alma mater. She has an Master of Arts in education from the University of the West Indies










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